Preparation and Maintanence                 Make sure to read fully prior to your appointment


Pre-Airbrush Instructions:

  • Always schedule your manicures, pedicures and waxing 24 hours prior to your airbrush session.
  • Shower, shave and exfoliate your skin 24-48 hours prior to your appointment time.  I recommend using an exfoliating mitt with a salt or sugar scrub and exfoliating well.
  • Moisturize your skin the days leading your to your tanning session.
  • DO NOT put any lotions, make-up, deodorants, oils or perfumes on your skin, after you shower.  
  • Clients with skin conditions such as: sun spots, eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc. or if on medication, please consult with your physician, prior to your sunless session. Many medications can effect your sunless tan.
  • Clients who are pregnant please consult your doctor should you have any concerns prior to your tanning session.  I do not recommended that mommies to be receive an airbrush tan in their 1st trimester.
  • Wear or bring DARK, LOOSE/BAGGY, clothing to your sunless session to put on after your appointment. This is very important.
  • If it’s a rainy day, or even questionable, please wear long sleeves and long pants with an umbrella on hand.
  • You may use swimsuits, undergarments, clothing of your choice or nothing at all, to be sprayed in. Keep tan lines in mind, as the color is instant.  Please be advised that bronzer will get on the articles of clothing you wear to airbrushed in.  This bronzer should wash off your clothes no problem but it is not guaranteed.  Some satin, silk and wools are known to possibly stain.  * Men are required to wear a swimwear or shorts. FDA recommends wearing under garments.  (more info. is available on my webpage)
  • I recommend always receiving a ph balancing spray.  It helps the amino acids on your skin pull in and hang on to the DHA bronzing agent in the tanning solution.  ALSO making the tan look more even and last longer.
  • Do not schedule your visit if you have or have recently had a sunburn! 
  • Make sure to remove all prior sunless tan prior to your visit by exfoliating.








Post-Spray Instructions:

  • Immediately after your session, dry for 3-5 minutes, and put on DARK, LOOSE/BAGGY fitting clothing.  Do not put tight articles of clothing back on, including socks, leggings, jeans, bras and tight shoes.  Flip flops are recommended.
  • Do not get wet at all after your airbrush tan has been applied until your warm water rinse.  
  • Avoid all skin on skin contract until after your first shower.  Long sleeves and pants are recommend to sleep in for the first night to avoid transfer of the tanning color.
  • Always wait the advised time given before showering for the most optimal result.  Showering too soon, may result in a lighter, and not as lasting tan.  Showering or getting wet in any manner before the recommended hour mark can alter and cause the tan to look uneven or blotchy.  A WARM WATER RINSE is recommended as your first shower.  Waiting over night to develop is recommended.  
  • Separate instructions will be verbally given at the time of your appointment for Rapid or Express tans.
  • After your recommended wait time, gently shower off. NO scrubbing or rough toweling off. Use a your HAND to gentle wash your entire body without soap.  You will initially notice brown water, but it will become clear very soon.  This is the cosmetic bronzer washing off NOT your tan so don’t worry!  Gently PAT yourself dry.
  • MOISTURIZE at least twice daily.  Natural moisturizers are a great choice.  Stay clear of moisturizers that have high alcohol or synthetic oils and heavy fragrances.
  • Avoid swimming, hot tubs, saunas, and excessive perspiration.  Pools and water treated with chlorine will result in removing your tan. Acne creams, exfoliants, skin renewal and dove products can have adverse effects to your tan. Use a gentle body was and avoid bar soap. Please see my web page for complete details including what aftercare products should not be used (example: Dove products)
  • Drink water! A lot of water!  Hydrating from the inside can have a great effect in keeping your skin hydrated. This can help prolong the life of the tan.  
  • Use tan extenders to prolong your tan.  Sunless retail products are available.


    *The solutions will intensify several hours after your session. DO NOT shower too soon.  This is not         your end result color.  You will lighten several shades after your first shower.




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